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After going gluten free October 29th 2009 the search was on for anything and everything gluten free. Hours of reading blogs, reviews, articles and even Yahoo!Answers has led me to find a wide selection of things gluten free. I've decided to create this blog to help other people find out about the amazing products I have stumbled upon. I am also open for your reviews of a product, restaurant, hotel/resort or suggestions to something new! I'm sure there are thousands of products that are out there, waiting to be discovered!


I noticed a new to me gluten free product at the grocery store today called LARABAR.  It's a fruit and nut energy bar.  They had two flavours, Apple and Peanut Butter.  Apple was definitely my favourite flavour, however my son loved the Peanut Butter.  The ingredients are very simple, dates, dried fruit for the apple and peanuts for the peanut butter.  No preservatives, added sugar, dairy or soy, they are also vegan!

Give these a try, they really are tasty!


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